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  • Mike Vaccaro says:

    Your phone number please,

  • Eric Morgensen says:

    Hi Vic, I just read your start about the Alaska Airlines eskimo and I was curious if you had some more information about the actual art. Did you ever work with another artist on this? I assume by what I read that was the case as I know of the black and white art of the time that was used by an artist who said he had painted the original eskimo and miner in that style and that then they were changed slightly like you described. I’m just trying to figure out this. Would love to speak more with you about it if you do have more info. Thanks so much.

    • Vic Warren says:

      Whoever told you that is lying. I hand drew the eskimo based on a photo by Bob and Ira Spring for the original newspaper ad, then simplified it for the airplane livery.
      I also drew the other three images when called to do so. A couple of years later, I hired Fred Thomas to put a smile on the eskimo.

  • Nan Woodman says:

    Hi Vic! Please send your contact info!

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