The Quartz

quartz 7-2014 cover (Custom)The first of “The Inspector Kwong Mysteries,” which features some of the most popular characters from “Hong Kong Blues.”

Of course, there’s Chief Inspector Lawrence Kwong, still wearing his tweeds and carrying his silver-tipped cane. Matson Tai is back, but it’s ten years later, so he’s twenty-one now and just graduated from university with degrees in Law and Criminology. He’s six feet tall and has become the more active partner for Kwong when he can get the ladies to stop chasing him.

Charlie Li, the dragon head of the Four Prosperities Triad, also gets in the act now and then.

This time around, they’re going face-to-face against some very powerful adversaries who lead them to Beijing and The Forbidden City.


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"If one wants to follow a captivating couple pursue their careers in exotic climes brilliantly described,
Stairway of the Gods
is just the right way to do it."
Gordon Osmond at

“The author, Vic Warren, skillfully weaves in actual political events into his tale, making it seem so real. I can’t help but congratulate him for making me stop at parts and ask, is this fiction or fact? I would highly recommend it to readers who enjoy a gripping tale of high adventure.”
From All Books Review

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Vic Warren is an award winning Art Director, credited with creating the "Eskimo portrait" as the aircraft tail logo for Alaska Airlines. If you need help in designing your book cover, check out these designs.

Stairway of the Gods continues to impress. The book's cover just won the Best Self-Published Book Cover Design Contest sponsored by A&A Printing.